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About Me



Do you ever find yourself at the intersection of old and new? Traditions are important, so are faith, family and friends. You do it all - balancing work, family, friends, fitness, and sleep. But you’re a modern woman, you know self-care is important, and so are boundaries. You’re well tuned to your mental health, personality and goals. You choose the life you want to live; not what others are expecting you to live. Does this sound like you?

Missy Lane was born out of a desire to create. With my career in finance, I was happy with the job but felt creativity was missing in my life.  One day, I had a spark of inspiration to create and ran out to buy my first tools. Exploring gemstones, metals and creating beautiful things was my joy. However, life changed with the arrival of my firstborn, I paused my career and we relocated from California to Texas. I found full time motherhood fulfilling and the mom communities amazing. As much as I enjoyed it, my life was constant devotion to my family. I needed something that was for me again.


Simple, sophisticated style was always my signature design. As a busy mom, some days wearing a clean t-shirt and jeans is all I could hope for. A beautiful necklace or earrings could give me the instant confidence boost I needed. I especially love the metamorphosis of a nursing mom coming out of the new baby fog, discovering she has her own beautiful face and body to take care of.


Your life now demands more from you than ever before. My dream for you is when you wear my jewelry you will feel like a new modern classic. Not who you used to be, but who are you now.

Crave beautiful,

"Miss Elaine", designer and founder

Missy Lane Jewelry

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