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Food Allergies: My story

Food Allergies were my life. It started when my oldest was 3. He had awful eczema in the usual spots in the crooks of elbows and knees, but also in other spots like his neck. They were raw and required daily bandages with gauze. At night he would scratch and it was a vicious cycle.

Our pediatrician was trained in holistic integrative practices and suggested we do an IgG food sensitivity test (Genova IgG). When we got the results it looked like a Christmas tree. Every food known to man was lit up in red and orange, which meant he was sensitive to it all. Our pediatrician is one of the very few pediatricians in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who practices integrative medicine in pediatrics. She explained the gut dysbiosis and intestinal permeability that was likely causing him to allergic to even the most common foods such as beef, chicken, grains and vegetables.

This experience began my journey of learning about integrative health and alternative treatments as opposed to conventional medicine. Since then, I have also began my own healing journey based on the Autoimmune Protocol for my dyshidrotic eczema. There's still a lot to be done after a food allergy diagnosis. The first feeling is overwhelm. It's important to recognize while there is so much being taken away, we have many options today that weren't available before. Take things one step at a time, ask for help and look for those who've walked the road before you. Do you know someone who's been instrumental in supporting your child through food allergies? A caring preschool teacher, daycare worker? Show your appreciation for them with a beautiful and meaningful gift here or here


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