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Kite Earrings: A symbol of strength together

Our Kite Earrings are one of the bestsellers in our signature collection. How can something be so simple, but yet pleasing to the eye? In this post we look at the beautiful symmetry of this piece - and its' design nuances to understand the symbolism behind geometric design.


Kite Shape

As women, our center of gravity is lower because of our hips. The wider shape of the kite symbolizes the power of life in the womb. The life giving ability of a mom is what makes us strong. Humanity is beautiful.

Shield Shape

Did you know our kite earrings are reversible? Perhaps this versatility is what makes this piece loved by so many. Simply turn the kite around so they look like a shield with the wider piece on top.

As a mom of 3 boys, I hear endless chatter about swords, shields and battles. If they're not actually fighting, they are talking about fighting. LOL!

This masculine shape reflects the strength that allows many of us bear the weight of the world and those we care for. We hug with our shoulders, put an arm around each other to unite together in our humanity. This universal body language helps people connect. Shoulder to shoulder we stand and symbolizes the strength we have together. The strength we have in numbers has been exemplified in the last two months as we battle the invisible virus. On a flight, you'll hear the phrase "Put on your own mask before helping others." We have literally put on our masks to help others.

Life Lopsided

Occasionally while wearing, you may find one earring worn kite side up and other down. Embrace it! Life is sometimes lopsided and we are able to adjust when things change. In Randi Zuckerberg's book, Pick Three, she reminds us we can't have it all every day, and it's okay. We can learn to embrace the well-lopsided life.

The mission of Missy Lane Jewelry is to inspire hope and beauty in others through the expression of your true self. You are uniquely gifted in so many ways, and your life is a contribution to this world that can't be measured.

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