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Kimonos in Japan

When Sherry contacted me over Etsy about creating a custom designed piece based on my bestselling Kite Earrings, she included a few photos as well as describing what she was looking for. Her photos were so pretty, her in a traditional Japanese kimono, hair in a styled bun and shoulder length earrings in kite shapes. After zooming in her few photos, I was able to catch the design of what she wanted.

I'm proud of the pieces I've created and the design was spot on to what she requested. Here is a link on Instagram to the finished creation.

Here's her story behind the earrings.

My friend let me borrow them during my trip to Japan and I had the best time ever and felt so beautiful when wearing them. I wanted to have ones like them so I could relive my happiness from my amazing adventures in Japan!”

What memories would you like me to help you capture?

Contact me at to start.


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