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My brand story

I needed a way to become who I was again. I'd been a stay at home mom for over 8 years and I was wanting something that felt like my life again. I was never one of those people who could answer the "what do you want to be when you grow up?" question. My life was not my own, the blessings that came into my life, my family, my kids, were the reason why I get up in the morning. But when there was an opportunity to design again, my husband created a website for me over a weekend and Missy Lane Jewelry was born.


What does your brand stand for?

A clean, classic look that is not stuck in old traditions, but rather a modern, free aesthetic. We can hold on to things that are important to us, our relationships, our values and faith, but move forward in simplicity and freedom. They are not tied to one way of doing things, one definition of themselves, one career, one anything - they are free to be many things while still being a whole person, fully present and multi-faceted.

What does your brand look like?

I'm obsessed with many colors coming together. My brand colors are white and a gold yellow. This represents cleanness and simplicity. There is an airy feel to white background. The yellow gold represents the sun, our source of light in this world. It shines on everything and illuminates while giving life. When the sun shines on anything it reflects back the color which we see, but it also reflects back the highlights and shadows. This gives us a vision of what can be seen. The white ray of sunlight become scattered into many different colors, just like us. I can represent colors, and my logo is geometric and a hexagon. It is symmetric, which symbolizes the need for order, structure, tradition in life. The sharp angles in geometric shapes point to the many sides and directions we must take to become who we are. We often have different journeys and sides to our lives that cause us to be directly opposite of what we are.

"Smile, it's free therapy"

xo, Miss Elaine


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