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Huggie Hoops: Cute but deadly

My earlobes are bigger than yours. What? There is no fat ear-shaming here. It's 2019 and all that is out.

Huggie hoops. They have the cutest name except when they cut off circulation on your lobes. Wait - do your ears even HAVE circulation? I thought they were cartilage...anyways.

You never know what a few millimeters can do for you.

Case in point. My friend came to me with these adorable little earrings she received as a gift but they were SO hard to wear. She thought the ear wire was too thick. Turns out, she would be envy of traditional Chinese women anywhere. Bigger earlobes = Longevity and Vitality.

Just kidding. She is no Buddha. She is a gorgeous and graceful woman with a common problem when it comes to fashion trends. What's fashionable isn't always wearable.

I quickly solved her problem by replacing the hoops. Now she looks like this...

Megan Markle's classic beauty style

What your biggest frustrations when it comes to jewelry? Is there a problem I can help you solve?

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